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The original Duck Hunt game that was made for WebGL has been ported to use the HTML 5 2D Canvas renderer. It works on a wide variety of devices with good performance.

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LIVE is a free software solution that lets you host your own VOIP server or join and participate on others. You can use LIVE to host a voice conference with friends and family, use it to host a business meeting, or even use it to broadcast a live event where you can share photos with your connected members. LIVE is being released as a beta product, so your feedback will help make LIVE a better experience.

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Thumb Creator has been updated to use a bicubic resampling algorithm to greatly improve the quality of resized images.
Dare for a scare? Pumpkin Carve is a new Halloween WebGL app that lets you carve out your own pumpkin. A WebGL compatible browser such as Firefox or Chrome is required. Enjoy!