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Windows Phone 7

Word Wizard is a puzzle game where you must spell out words with the letters available. Three different game modes will challenge your ability to quickly solve the task at hand. In Puzzle mode, letters fall into the game. You must spell out words quickly before the game board fills up. In Time mode, you must spell out words before the time runs out. In Match mode, you must spell out the words given to you before the time runs out. Each game mode has 9 challenging levels to complete. Two bonus mini-games are awarded for completion of these challenges. In the Custom mini-game, you can build your own custom challenge to play. In the Gems mini-game, you get to play a quick and fun game of matching gems.

Word Wizard supports both English and French languages, including separate dictionaries catered for the specific language. The trial version includes the first three levels of all games modes. Purchased versions of the game include all levels and bonus mini-games.
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