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Font Builder Application Icon
Windows PC

Font Builder is a tool that lets you create bitmap fonts from existing TrueType or OpenType fonts installed in your Windows operating system. These bitmap fonts can then be used to render text in your games or applications. All fonts are exported to an RGBA (32 bpp) PNG image file in addition to an XML file that specifies the coordiantes of each glyph in the PNG file. The glyphs are coloured white with an alpha channel. This allows you to easily tint the glyphs to any colour using 3D rendering APIs such as OpenGL or Direct3D.

The tool requires .NET 4.0 to run.
FontBuilder Screenshot
TexGen Application Icon
Windows PC

TexGen, short for Texture Generator, is a tool for procedurally generating textures. Some of the features include:
  • Perlin and Simplex Noise
  • Cell Noise
  • Colour, Gradients, and Colour Balance
  • Blending Algorithms
  • Normal Mapping
  • Image Filters: Bluring, Sharpening, Edge detection, Embossing, etc.
  • IFS
  • Terrain
  • LUA Scripting API
Examples of some of the things you can make include grass, dirt roads, rocks, flares, logos, particle sprites, planetary textures, various material effects, etc. With the LUA API, you are able to extend the program to render anything you want.

The download comes with several project samples and scripts.
TexGen Screenshot

TexGen Screenshot

TexGen Screenshot
Audio Sampler Application Icon
Windows PC, Linux

Audio Sampler is a tool for generating sounds using simple signals and modulation. It’s pretty good a generating electronic sounds such as buzzers, lasers, electrical pulses, engine sounds, and even beats.

The download comes with several project samples.
AudioSampler Screenshot
Thumb Creator Application Icon
Windows PC

Updated Jan 20, 2012
– Latest version of Thumb Creator now uses bicubic resampling for higher quality.

Thumb Creator is a drag and drop tool that batch processes images. The tool can resize images, encode them into a different format, and even apply filters such as colour curves. The tool features a LUA API that allows you to write your own effects or animation sequences.

Here are some sample images generated from the tool:

ThumbCreator Normal
Normal Image Resized

ThumbCreator Curves
Image with Curves Applied

ThumbCreator Refraction
Image with Refraction

The download comes with several sample scripts.
Thumb Creator Screenshot