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FontBuilder Application Icon
Font Builder is a tool that lets you create bitmap fonts from existing TrueType or OpenType fonts installed in your Windows operating system. Downloads and additional details are available here.

SkyGen is a WebGL tool that lets you create skyboxes for your games. You can view more about the tool here.

Here are some panoramic cubemap samples rendered using SkyGen. The first sky is rendered at dusk and the second sky is rendered at noon. The tool makes it easy to set these renders up.

And here are two scenes rendered with the skyboxes in the background.

For the past while I’ve been posting WebGL shader articles on I am now including these articles on this website for your viewing pleasure. The articles, WebGL demos, and source code can be accessed from the new “Articles” section on this website. The menu link is available in the menubar, or if you’re lazy click here.

As time goes on, I will be adding new articles and demos to help illustrate how various effects and techniques are done. If you wish to discuss more about this or if you have some gaming related questions, feel free to visit, or drop me a line.

WebGL Particle Attractor Screenshot
Try out this new WebGL demo that simulates 1,000,000 particles entirely on the GPU. Click and drag anywhere in the demo to activate a gravity well and watch the particles flow towards your cursor.